I hope no one’s taken the tree down yet, there’s still 7 days of Christmas left.

To help keep you in the spirit, here’s a a link to a streaming video of Land and Sea’s most famous episode.

This was actually the first time I’ve seen the episode in its entirety since the original broadcast. I was only a boy at the time and didn’t really understand the cultural significance of the show. Perhaps if Granny were doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk I would have been more captivated.

There are some great performances by Simani and it’s interesting to hear commentary about fading traditions such as storytelling. Though in some ways media has helped to preserve certain traditions and bring them back to the forefront. People who have never seen mummering will at least have seen The Mummers Show.

Simani. It's not a party unless there's unfinished press-wood in the room.

About the episode: The only thing I would change are the new opening credits which seem very placid.  I find the original opening livelier and more reminiscent of raw Newfoundland life – mending nets, waves crashing over bow, etc. The new one is a bit too dreamy, like something the other Atlantic provinces might show to tourists (or failing that, something you’d play while administering morphine).

But you can make up your own mind: Here’s a youtube clip of a 1995 episode about the Tavernor’s last run, original intro included.

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