Usually the traditional salt-box style home is made roomier by adding a piece to the side or back. But being a man of simple tastes, Augustus wasn’t too fussy about the looks of a house with an extra piece sticking off. So when the time came that Augustus needed more space he set to work (in his own fashion) on making the house bigger. The plan was simple – build up a new house around the old house, leaving it in tact while he worked. He’d have a place to eat, sleep and stay dry as the new house went up.

But not everyone in Green’s Arm was inspired by the plan. Some would walk by while Augustus was working and shake their head, while others would offer stories or advice from renovations past. And when young Jim came by with an obvious question, Augustus gave the obvious answer.

“Gus, have you thought about how you’re going to get your old house out of there?” asked Jim.

“Oh I’ve got that all worked out” he replied

“You gonna take ‘er down after the new one’s built?” asked Jim

“Nooo” replied Augustus

“You gonna take ‘er down while the new one’s going up?”

“Nooo” replied Augustus

“Well then how?” asked Jim, now more curious than ever.

With a wide grin Augustus replied: “I’ll put a big bread poultice on the picture window!”

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