Augustus wasn’t the type who worked for the sake of working. When Green’s Arm began construction on a new wharf, Gus already had four and a half quarters of moose frozen and bottled, and a cellar stogged right full of potatoes. He wasn’t about to let money interfere with a well deserved rest. But the government crowd came knocking once they heard there was another feller in town who “needed work” and owned a pony.

Augusts knew what they wanted as soon as he saw the man coming up the walk.

“Good afternoon sir.” said the man as he approached the house.

“Good afternoon”, Augustus replied flatly.

“I understand that you’ve got a horse” began the man “and we could use another worker down at the wharf”.

“Yeah, but she won’t be no good to you,” interrupted Augustus, “she’s too small”.

“Well maybe not” replied the man “may I ask how big she is?”

Well, said Augustus “When I puts the collar on her I got to tie a rock on her tail so she don’t tip over.”

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