Those who know Archie Hibbs would probably all describe him the same way, a ‘character’. It seems that everywhere Archie went people remembered him. Whether for his clothes, his stroll or his unending optimism. It didn’t matter what happened. If he was there he was part of the story.
And if you lived near the area you may recall that about 20 years ago there was a large fire in the woods surrounding Greens Arm. Some families spent the better part of two days holding back fire from their homesteads. it was quite an ordeal and there was a collective sigh when the last of the fire was doused.
Just after it was over a group of men were standing on the roadside near the edge of the blackened treeline. Their faces and clothes were dirty with smoke and they hardly had the energy to leave. And who should happen by but Archie. He walked up to the men and leaned an elbow on a nearby truck. They all looked silently out over the charred hillside for the longest time. Finally Archie spoke:
“All the same b’ys,” he said, “it’s gonna be some year for blueberries!”

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  1. how old is archie hibbs. im related to a archie hibbs

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