The weeping willow – A funny but true story from Green’s Arm.

Augustus, despite all he didn’t or wouldn’t do, was adamant about keeping a well groomed yard. He took a certain pride in his grounds-keeping and fancied himself to have a bit of a green thumb.

This was quite in contrast with Bill, who lived down the road a short ways and whose yard was quite unkempt. Augustus could sometimes be seen shaking his head as he passed Bill’s trash laden yard. He marveled at why anyone would let whole cars, parts of cars or other debris build up around their house.

It came to pass that one day Augustus was planting a young maple in his prized front yard as Bill, ignorant of all things green, strolled by.

“Hey Gus!”, said Bill, “Is that a weeping willow?”

“That depends on where I put it it” replied Augustus.

“What do you mean?” asked Bill.

“Right here, it’s a maple,” said Augustus, “But if I put it in your yard, it’d be weeping!”

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