The Pirate Ship of Newville

We came across this interesting boat on a drive to New World Island. From a distance we thought it must have been some sort of land-based structure made to look like a ship. As we drew closer we realized that is was in fact a water-going vessel.

We spoke briefly to the owner who told us that it had been in the bay until three weeks ago when she started to drag anchor. He brought it ashore and was debating whether to sell it or build a dedicated wharf for it. In the pictures above you can see him getting the frame of a new wharf into position (by himself!) despite having a “for sale” sign attached to the bow. He told us that if nobody buys it before he’s finished building the wharf, he’ll keep the boat for himself. We asked if he was a boat-builder to which he replied  ”Yes, I’ve built fifty” then flatly added “It’s hard work.”

You can see this unique boat in Newville which is in central Newfoundland. Here’s the location on google maps.


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