New smartphone App will translate Newfoundland sayings

whaddaya app

Is you App-y?

If you don’t know the meaning of “Shockin, that is b’y” or “Missus, whaddaya at?” then this is the app for you. The Whaddaya App is for all of those CFAs on the Rock, so they’ll be able to figure out what Newfoundlanders are saying.

With the touch of a (virtual) beer cap, the Whaddaya App translates Newfoundland slang into ‘proper’ English. Yes b’y! The app, which is set for release on September 12th, plays an audible version of the slang phrase while showing the translation on screen in text. It will be available in iPhone and Android versions, and will cost around a dollar. The b’ys who made it will also offer a limited demo version for free, in case you want to check it out, but they’re hoping people will buy the full version so they can stay “off da pogey!”

You can check it out on Facebook, YouTube, or their website,, where you’ll find video previews of the app. A note to the wary, there is at least one Newfoundland cuss in the app, though some may consider that a bonus.

My son, she’s right good, she is. Be sure to take a look!

Valerie Abbott

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  3 Responses to “New smartphone App will translate Newfoundland sayings”

  1. Roger,

    I heard about this on Radio 1 Manitoba this afternoon. Cheers.

    Keith Poehlman

  2. NOOOOO. I don’t have an IPhone, and I’m not getting one. When will this be workable for my computer?

    • I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be a computer program – you’d have to ask the guys at Tricolour Software about that one! But it also works on iPod, iPad, and Android phones, if you’ve got any of those.

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