Whaddaya App – B’y, she hasn’t slacked up yet!


A sneak preview of the first update, which includes a repeat button (Wha?) and a list view.

Whaddaya App hits the top of the charts and stays there.

If you downloaded Whaddaya App sometime this week, then the crew over at Tricolour Software has something to say to you:  God love your cotton socks!*

It’s only been a week since the release of Whaddaya App, and with over 3200 copies sold already, the app has been moving up the popularity charts in a hurry.  If you take a look at the Apple store, you’ll find that Whaddaya App is the #1 Entertainment App, with a 4.5 star rating (since it’s out of five, that’s pretty good!).  Even cooler than that is the place that it holds on the overall charts.  Out of the thousands of apps that are available, Whaddaya App has been in the top ten all week, moving up as high as 4th place on Friday.  Oh yes b’y!

What does that mean for the crew at Tricolour software?  Well, they’ve been hard at work this week promoting the app by visiting OZFM and CBC radio.  Anyone who listens to OZFM’s Dawn Patrol has heard the app in action, since Paul, Deb, and Larry have been having fun with it all week. They’ve been playing sound clips and even asking listeners to call in with suggestions for more phrases!

The b’ys from the Whaddaya App team visited OZFM to talk about their app. Here’s the marketing guy, Jon Simon, hanging out with Larry Jay.

Although the app has only been out for a week, the first update is almost ready for download.  With 30 new phrases, there’s sure to be a lot more laughing once you download.  There are also a few changes coming up, including a repeat button (aptly labelled “Wha?”) and a screen that allows you to choose the phrase you’d like to hear.  That’s good news for everyone who’s got a favourite phrase already, like the crowd who’ve told Tricolour that they love “What a snarl b’y!”  The exact release date for the update isn’t available yet, but it shouldn’t be too far off; the update’s nearly done, so then it’s just a matter of waiting for the Apple store people to give it the thumbs up.

Know a Newfoundland saying that should be part of Whaddaya App?

The first update isn’t the end of the road for Whaddaya App, of course.  There’s more to come, and since NLstuff has the inside track on the app, the b’ys at Tricolour are going to drop by this page regularly to see what you think.  If you’ve got a saying or phrase that you think would be great for the next update, post it in the comments below.  Be sure to include the translation, and if the b’ys like it, well, it could be immortalized as part of Whaddaya App.  They’ll be over here now the once to read your comments!

For more info about the app, you can check out the website, www.whaddayaapp.com, or look for it on Facebook and Twitter.

*Don’t know what this means?  Then you probably should download Whaddaya App!  Until you do, though, here’s the translation:  I’m very thankful to you. 

-Valerie Abbott

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  1. How about “By and by”. We say it like “bun-by” and it means in a little while.

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