Townie vs Bayman commercials

If you’ve ever been part of a good “townies vs baymen” debate, you’ll enjoy these commercials by a local Newfoundland car dealership. For the unfamiliar, people who live in St. John’s have long been dubbed “townies”, while their counterparts around the bay have been termed “baymen”.

At one time the highway served to distinguish the two groups, and whether you lived “inside the overpass” or “outside the pass” would imply everything from the way you spoke and dressed, to whether you liked moose or cut your own wood. Though the lines have been blurred as of late (can you still call paradise the bay?) you can tell from the videos that the old townie-bayman feud is alive and well.

(Fun fact: I have indeed heard someone pronounce it “mitshoo-beechee”)

You can vote for the winner of each video at, which was set up by Capital Mitsubishi to promote their “Outlander” SUV.  They have separate bayman and townie entrances and take it a step further by listing stereo and bluetooth as townie options, while all-wheel drive, folding tailgate, etc are listed as bayman options.

The townie vs bayman debate:

I was just a child when I first heard a bayman poke fun at a townie. At a rural fair a man was driving a hard thin stake into the ground with the back of an axe. He was using great overhead swings and hit the peg squarely every time. Another man was watching him and finally commented:

“You must be from the bay.”

“how’d you know?”

“Cause If you were from town you’d be after missing that half a dozen times already.”

And the townies can dish it out as well. Here’s another exchange I heard some years later:

Townie: “My God, there’s some lot of baymen working here now”

Bayman: “Go way, St. John’s would shut down if it wasn’t for all the baymen”

Townie: “I guess it’s better to have you in town working than us sending you out money!”

Do you have any good townie or bayman stories or jokes? Share in the comments section below!


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  1. These are hilarious! Great marketing, very clever.

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