“Flash Mob” sings at Avalon Mall:

avalon mall flash mob

A “flash mob” happens when a group of singers or performers take over a public setting and turn it into a musical event. Shoppers at the Avalon Mall were surprised to become part of one this past Sunday, Dec 11, when the Philharmonic Choir of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra performed “Messiah” in the middle of the shopping center. The event was filmed by Nine Island Productions and helped bring some extra Christmas cheer to the holiday shoppers.

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  5 Responses to ““Flash Mob” sings at Avalon Mall”

  1. WOW!!!!! Wonderful…thanks for posting that…..I wish I had been there to enjoy it live!!!

  2. This has brought a tear to my eye… how wonderful! I am currently living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where there is absolutely no sign of Christmas (being a strict Muslim country). I am from the lighthouse Cape Pine originally, and then St. Shotts on the southern shore. This has given me a taste of the season from home…………. and has made me miss it more than you can imagine. Thank you for posting.

    • Michelle,

      Although I have not met you, I have read your response and as a Newfoundlander I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas from Gander! From my Family to YOU.

      ?(¯`*•.¸?MeRRy ChRistMaS ?¸.*?
      ? ??? MERRY?CHRISTMAS ? To YOU ? ????????????? ?•?????????•???•? ??????•?????• ????? ???
      ?(¯`*•.¸?MeRRy ChRistMaS MicHelLe!

      ……….*• ?•*
      ……. *?•??••?*
      ….*?•?#?*?#?•?* ‘
      …**??????????* ‘
      From the ROCK.

  3. THIS is just the kind of spontaneous joy that makes Newfoundland such an amazing place to be!! LOVED it!
    Living in Ottawa now and this made me homesick!

  4. What a treat !! So happy to also see the accessiblity to all of the interesting sites in and around Newfoundland. I am passing this site on to all of my friends.
    The Lancasters of Lancaster, Texas.
    Merry Christmas

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