US Family stranded in Gander over Christmas:

Click for CBC video of the family's reaction

The Braddy’s  are an American family who have come to know first hand our famous Newfoundland generosity and hospitality. The mother, father and their 10 children were on a flight back to the US when one daughter, suffering from diabetes, became increasingly ill.  There happened to be a doctor of internal medicine on board who convinced the pilot to divert to Gander. There the entire family de-planed and the daughter was admitted to hospital. She has since recovered and the family is awaiting transportation to the US by a Jordanian airline, though they have yet to be given a firm commitment or date.

Family is impressed by Gander & would like to stay:

They had no idea they would end up in Gander and were not prepared for either an extended stay or the Newfoundland weather. Luckily winter clothes, food and toys have been donated by the people of Gander, the Salvation army, and the Red Cross. The father, Greg Braddy, has been overwhelmed by the number of strangers offering to help. In fact the Braddys are so impressed with the people here that they said they would make Gander their home and would stay if allowed.

You can hear more details of their amazing story in this clip from CBC radio noon.

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