Allan Hawco tells George Strombolopolous how to speak like a Newfoundlander:


Whaddaya at?

An interesting video of Allan Hawco describing a few common phrases of the Newfoundland dialect to a confused George Strombolopolous. The interview took place on George’s show “The Hour” and the full interview can be seen here (CBC’s The Hour). Hawco’s hit show, Republic of Doyle, is in season 3 and the first episode┬ápremiers tonight.

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  One Response to “Allan Hawco tells George Strombolopolous how to speak like a Newfoundlander”

  1. Great stuff bye’s….ya nose now what we talks like, Garge bye! you will have to drop over here for a yarn wit a Newfoundlander and you might learn some more the once!

    I really enjoyed this tidbit of an introduction to George of our unique and quaint sayings. Most of the expressions Allan told you about are used everyday by most of us! I am a very proud Newfoundlander and I thank Allan Hawco for bringing these things to the awareness of others with his fabulous show “Republic of Doyle”…..I am a big fan!!

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