Iceberg Alley and Secret Place - New TV Ads by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism:

These stunningly beautiful television ads will begin airing this Monday. Titled “Iceberg alley” and “Secret Place”, they feature shots of collapsing icebergs and ancient fossils, along with breathtaking shots of our coastline. You can preview the videos below.

Can anyone confirm if that’s the Barbour living heritage village in the “iceberg alley” video?

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  3 Responses to “Iceberg Alley and Secret Place – New TV Ads”

  1. YES! That is the Barbour Living Heritage Village, Newtown featured in the video! Red-headed Rachel does a great job! I’m wondering if that is Eileen in the second story window of the Barbour House? Love the photography! Beautiful!

  2. I looks like the Barbour Village to me. The rocks look like the ones from around that area!

  3. Did you see the rock formation that resembles a huge hand at the start of the 2nd video?
    I LOVE the east coast…..and i live in Ontario!

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