Newfoundland teacher sprays fishy student with air freshener:

We’ve all been there. Trying to get the smell of fish out of something after a feed of cod, mackerel or capelin. You open a window, hang your coat on the line, spray down the kids… well, ┬ámaybe not that last one.

Earlier this week a Twillingate teacher was placed on leave after a parent complained that her child had been ‘febreezed’ upon returning to school from lunch. Apparently the child was being teased about the fishy smell he had gotten from his capelin dinner. The teacher placed the child in the hallway for a time and then sprayed some air freshener on his clothes before bringing him back in the class. Now the mother, the media and the public are in an uproar – and in a way it’s understandable.

We can all imagine this poor child pulled to the front of the class, being told that he stinks, and then pepper-sprayed in the face with something that smells like Aunt Mildred’s foot cream. The mother has even accused the teacher of bullying.

In reality the teacher was probably just trying to keep the child from being teased by his peers. In fact its easy enough to imagine the child’s own mother doing the same thing. ┬áSo this leads us to a question for our readers:

Suppose you were out visiting strangers and realized that your clothes smelled fishy. In the trunk you have some febreeze – what would you do?

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  2 Responses to “Newfoundland teacher sprays fishy student with air freshener”

  1. i wouldn’t do anything i would say geez awful smell of fish around here who had fish for lunch

  2. I think the teacher missed a good “teaching moment” on our Newfoundland culture and eating traditions!

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