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With smartphones in the hands of one third of Canadians (or more!), it’s no surprise that mobile applications like Twitter are massively popular. With over 140 million active Twitter accounts, tweeting is one of the best ways to get a quick message out to your followers. Don’t be fooled by the short length of the messages; though they’re only 140 characters, people can attach pictures, web links, and more.

So which famous Newfoundlanders are trending on the web? One of the most successful is CBC’s satirical funnyman Rick Mercer. His tweets are just as popular as his rants, leaving him with 267, 172 followers (that’s as of April 19 – by the 20th that number could be much higher!). He posts political comments that have a sense of social justice attached, which is probably what makes him so popular amongst Canadians.

Another famous Newfoundlander who has many followers is Shannon Tweed. The actress, who is married to Gene Simmons, has 215, 555 followers. Given that she’s the star of Family Jewels, a massive hit for A&E, her popularity isn’t surprising.

Allan Hawco, star of CBC’s Newfoundland hit Republic of Doyle, has 15, 948 followers, and the show’s official Twitter has 10, 521. The other cast members, including Krystin Pellerin and Mark O’Brien, have fewer followers, but those Twitter fans seem to be fiercely loyal. They’re posting constantly about their love of the show and the possibility of its cancellation. (Update: CBC just picked up RoD for a 4th Season!)

Next up is Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle, who’s recently branched out into acting as well (if you didn’t catch him in Republic of Doyle, you really should check it out – he’s funny!). Alan’s got 11, 632 followers, and one of them is his buddy Russell Crowe (Russell should probably be listed here as an honorary Newfoundlander; he’s visited and performed here a number of times, tweets about George Street festival, and has done a turn on Republic of Doyle as well). Great Big Sea has 7, 190 followers.

What other famous Newfoundlanders have a Twitter following worthy of note? One surprising number is that of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. These guys play sold out shows across the province, but they only have 90 followers on Twitter! Given the number of people who can quote entire sections of “Da Yammie” from memory, that number seems really low. People must not realize that Buddy’s on Twitter!

Who else can you follow? Mark Critch (and his spot-on Danny Williams impression) weighs in with 9,750 followers. Another 22 Minutes member, Shaun Majumder, has 9, 507 people reading his tweets. Hey Rosetta, a band based out of St. John’s that is currently touring the world, boasts 13, 854 followers.

There’s a lot more Newfoundlanders on Twitter, so be sure to follow your favorites and support the crew from home! If we’ve missed someone, be sure to post in the comments section.

-Valerie Abbott

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  1. It shouldn’t be a surprize that Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers don’t had a huge following on Twitter given the demographics of their fan base – mainly aging baby boomers living away. Facebook maybe, but Twitter – not so much

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