’Tis the Season

Ahhh, spring.  The beautiful season when a young man’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love, and a driver’s fancy turns heavily to thoughts of potholes.  They’re all over the place right now, appearing as if by magic in the most inconvenient places possible.  They’re big, they’re deep, and they’re trying to beat the daylights out of your car.


Damage from a passing vehicle, or is the pothole becoming aggressive? Look out pylons!

Though they are supposedly inanimate objects, potholes seem to have an uncanny ability to inflict damage.  They tend to open up in a part of the road that you can’t avoid, so you’re forced to drive through them.  They have mastered the art of deception, appearing to be shallow, but in reality, diving to unseen depths.  They work in teams, sending out a solo scout to choose a prime location, which is later reinforced by the addition of more potholes.  Often, they’ll spread out to cover more territory, encompassing entire lanes of traffic, or, worse yet, entire sections of street.

pothole bump

Spring is in the air, and that means potholes are in the roads.

Sadly, there’s little we can do to avoid these beasts.  We do the best we can (slowing down, speeding up, swerving to avoid them, other tactical manoeuvers) but this time of year, hitting a few potholes is pretty much guaranteed.  So do yourself a favour – look for pylons and bump signs, have your shocks checked, and if all else fails, stay home until the road crews have made their way around town.
If you see a good (bad? evil? especially malicious?) pothole in your travels, snap a pic and upload it to our twitter.  Don’t forget to tell us where it was taken!

-Valerie Abbott


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