Lewisporte Marine Show 2012


This past Friday marked the launch of the fourth annual marine show in Lewisporte, Newfoundland. The two-day event was held in Lewisporte Stadium and hosted some of Newfoundland’s biggest marine vendors, supporters and educators.¬†Recreational boaters and outdoors types were salivating over the selection of watercraft on display and people young and old were checking out the latest gear. Those thinking of careers in the marine field could visit the Marine Institute and CNA’s booths, the latter letting people sample marine cuisine from their culinary program.

Boating industry growing in Newfoundland:

It would seem that people who make a living on the sea are getting back to their roots and spending more leisure time on the water.¬†Scott Kenny of Thruway Recreation described the recreational boating industry in Newfoundland as a “young industry”, but one that is seeing tremendous growth – especially in the past decade. He attributes this growth to to Newfoundland’s close ties to the sea along with the present strength of our dollar.

The Lewisporte marine show is a enjoyable way to spend a May weekend and get some summer recreation ideas. Throw in a 16 foot boat for a door prize, (maybe some stadium fries?) and you’ve got a great show!



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