A Parrot with a Newfoundland Accent!

A Parrot with a Newfoundland Accent! A reader told us about this parrot and we had to check it out. Mickey is an “African grey” [...]

Townie vs Bayman commercials

Townie vs Bayman commercials If you’ve ever been part of a good “townies vs baymen” debate, you’ll enjoy these commercials by a local Newfoundland car [...]

May 312011
The weeping willow.

The weeping willow – A funny but true story from Green’s Arm. Augustus, despite all he didn’t or wouldn’t do, was adamant about keeping a [...]

So that's how coyotes spread so fast!

Coyote riding a truck tailgate: This picture is making its rounds in email and given the coyote explosion in Newfoundland we thought we’d post it [...]


Those who know Archie Hibbs would probably all describe him the same way, a ‘character’. It seems that everywhere Archie went people remembered him. Whether [...]

Jan 242011
That pig’s a real hog.

Not so long ago, having a feed of beef or pork wasn’t as easy as going to the grocery store and picking it up. If [...]

She's pulling to the left.

Brady’s wife wasn’t exactly the slimmest lady in Green’s arm. And when she found she was getting more winded than usual, she decided that a [...]

Augustus and the tipsy pony

Augustus wasn’t the type who worked for the sake of working. When Green’s Arm began construction on a new wharf, Gus already had four and [...]

Big plans for a little house.

Usually the traditional salt-box style home is made roomier by adding a piece to the side or back. But being a man of simple tastes, [...]