Navy Ships in St. John's Harbour Headed to Arctic

Navy Ships in St. John’s Harbour headed to Arctic: Depending on your age, you might consider the sight of military vessels in St. John’s harbour [...]

Instant Messaging - Newfoundland Style

Writing “posts” with yellow rocks on Newfoundland hill. I’ve passed this stretch of road countless times and have seen all sorts of names and “handles” [...]

Whale of a time in Pouch Cove

A little over a week ago we spotted this “little fellow” swimming fairly close to shore in Pouch Cove. It was around the time that [...]

Giant iceberg! Petermann Ice Island video

Petermann Ice Island (PII-A) now off Labrador coast: Video of the gigantic iceberg known as the Petermann Ice Island as it drifts near Battle Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador. [...]

Video of iceberg collapsing, Battle Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador

Iceberg breaks up near Battle Harbour, Labrador   Seeing as it’s iceberg season here in Newfoundland, we thought we’d post this video. It’s of a [...]

The Bear Essentials: RCMP gives cub a lecture on safety.

Police officer talks to bear cub: Constable Suzanne Bourque had a brush with a bear last week. She had been called to a truck stop [...]

Botwood Giant Squid panorama!

Botwood Giant Squid panorama: We stumbled across this nifty panorama featuring the Giant Squid interpretation center in Botwood. This life-size replica is of a squid [...]

Picture of Newfoundland from space!

Astronaut takes picture of Newfoundland from orbit: Ron Garan, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station took this breathtaking picture of Newfoundland on May 3rd. [...]

Dictionary of Newfoundland English is online!

Newfoundland words and meanings: We learned a short time ago that the Dictionary of Newfoundland English is up and freely accessible online (thanks to [...]